Even more information about us!

As stated on our welcome page, we are a mixed origins system. Believed to have born plural, we didn't have our first stress split until we were 4 however. Currently, we find ourselves to be populated by thoughtforms, soulbonds, alters, and a singular daemon and we wouldn't have it any other way.

We currently have about 4 subsystems. Daytrippers and others are not included within subsystems and make up their own category.

Unlike other systems, we don't truly have a unified headspace. Much of our innerworld is detached with little to no connected bits. Each subsystem is in charge of how they manage their respective areas. The only key place that will be referenced throughout our writings is the Jail. Other places that exist are Beach Ave. and Umbra Town, but these places are subsystem exlcusive and don't contribute to the system as a whole.

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