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Caridea is a mixed origins system that relies on a lil bit of everything: magic, trauma, strange happenings, etc... There's about 10 of us in body with the exception of a few day-trippers. Almost all of us identify as otherkin in some capacity, or at least as fictives, can relate to the community. We have been active within the community for 5 years- though our joining of Tumblr is a newer thing. Discord servers used to serve as our primary haunts, but we have found the self moderation of Tumblr far more appealing. Neocities is enticing in itself for it's further isolation and required creativity.

The purpose of this website is to serve as our more "official" homepage compared to the likes of our rudimentary Carrd and Howl's Tumblr. We will compile our musings, essays, ramblings, rants, etc... along with system happenings, art, and stories. Hopefully, the end result is something that is mutually beneficial for both writers and readers alike. We are by no means the first to work out a system like this (heh), with credit going to House of Chimera, the Chaotic Threshold, Sol System, among others.

Our general stances are as followed and will be reflected in our writings: pro-queer, pro- endo, ant- kff; If you disagree or are uncomfortable by those views, it's probably best to leave the website. Anything potentially triggering will be tagged, and for the most part discourse will be minimal since we are not engaging in a social circle.

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